this week in meerkats

in meerkat class this week on thuseday we had a fire safety talk they told us what to do when there a fire those were to had a plan on what to do if theres a fire.

also they told us how to keep safe in a car they told us that you should aways waer a seat belt  they said that all babys and children have a specal seat

so i hope this will help you to keep safe in a car and when theres a fire.

hepworth gallery

we was on our way to the hepworth gallery it was throwing it down with rain. When we got there we walked in and put our lunchboxers and coats in this locker. Then we went into this room we sat down on the floor and this lady told us abit of barbra hepworth and henry moore. Then we got a pencil and a clipboard and some paper we went around the gallery sketching then we went to do some sketching on a1 paper we moved around to different sculptures. After that we went around in are groups looking at more sculptures then we had lunch we went outside it was still raining we got soacking wet we went in side and did some more sketching and then it was home time.

sculptor’s suprise

Thursday the 8th of march 2012 we had a proformance about barbra hepworth life she was a sculptor. All threw her life she loved art this is a picture of one of her artwork.

ruby did art she had a helper his name was bob! she did some things like barbara hepworth.After the show our class had a workshop it was very good we made scultors with our shoes. we had a very good day.

meerkats rainforest roadshow

Meerkats topic this term is the rainforest. So on the 8th of February 2012 zoo lab came, the lady had a big box full of animals.  First she brought out a African giant snail some people had it on there hand. As well as this she brought out a hissing cockroach again some people were brave and had it on there hand!we also saw a chillean rose tarantula we could not hold it because it would flick off it hairs and that would make all the class’s skin be well as this we saw a yellow banded millipede it has over 200 legs. it was very fast.finally we saw a snake the lady put it on the floor and it was very fast!