story about a girl

one day a baby girl was born and her name was Elle as she grew older Elle experienced new things like;school,how to talk at 1 and how to dance. she is now 9 years old and is living in a dump yard.

when she was 16 years old she finished every school and of to collage she was “I can’t wate until I get a boy friend mum” Elle explained.

after a  few years later Elle was married to a man called Zack shoulder and had 2 kids named Jack and Jill! the end


all about me

my name is marie and I am in’s class. I like barbie, bratz   , steffi dolls and bfc dolls.  i also like swimming , cycling , football, long walks with my family and dancing.

I am so excited for other things that are going to happen in my life.

also  I have 5 animals witch are: 1 kitten,1 dog and 3 guinea pigs.