year 3

year 3 have been doing alot this week and heres what!

Tag rugby whith John,

Learning about Washington D.C

Engoying lots of work on there teeth

French whith Emily (learning the months of the year in french)

Learning there spelings and times tables

And they have been working very hard on all of thees things.

year 3

hi this is leah and im ganna tell you what year 3 have been doing

This week they have been:

making brocoli and camember quiche with the french teacher Emily

playing tag rugby with Jhon duddly

making pastel peacocks in art

had a circle time and tlked about how to be a better friend and made some friendship posters

and thats all they did what a buisy class

year 3 york trip

Koala class joined the rest of lower key stage two yesterday on our visit to york. We had a wonderful time and the wether was fantastic, although very cold! The medicien workshop was really good, but we particliary liked going to Jorvik. One of us wanted to know where the vikings kept their telly! The ride was briliant though, and the day ended well with a little sweet treat.