in sience we have been learning all about nocturral animales. we have made some 3d nocturral animal and some fab animals masks this week !

In literacy we have been reading and writing stories all about horrid henry. We have had fun finding out about the horrible things henry gets up to!


year 3

year 3 have been doing alot this week and heres what!

Tag rugby whith John,

Learning about Washington D.C

Engoying lots of work on there teeth

French whith Emily (learning the months of the year in french)

Learning there spelings and times tables

And they have been working very hard on all of thees things.

this week in meerkats

in meerkat class this week on thuseday we had a fire safety talk they told us what to do when there a fire those were to had a plan on what to do if theres a fire.

also they told us how to keep safe in a car they told us that you should aways waer a seat belt  they said that all babys and children have a specal seat

so i hope this will help you to keep safe in a car and when theres a fire.

This week in hippo class

This week in hippo class we have been looking  at are new  topic special books and authers.

We have been looking at a auther called Julia Donaldson who wrote the stories

The gruffulo, Stickman and our favourite book Charlie Cooks.

we have also looked at the book Room of the known.

also we have written are own book reveiws and  are going to send them to expresso ict.